Vacay Smarter – Tips to Keep Progressing Even When You Travel

Do you love traveling? Isn’t it fun to get away and explore new places? Also, traveling can be a fantastic way to connect with family. And sometimes a girl just needs to take a break!!

But traveling can feel challenging if you’re trying to stick to your health and fitness goals. 

I know it can feel like a lot of work to stay consistent and on track with your fitness and nutrition goals while traveling. There are so many reasons why eating healthy and exercising while on vacation can feel complicated.

Here are some of the challenges I hear most from the women I help.

  1. My options are limited. When you’re on vacation, you may not have access to your usual healthy food options. Instead, you may be surrounded by tempting fast-food chains or restaurants that serve high-calorie meals.
  2. There’s not enough time. You may be busy sightseeing, visiting attractions, or engaging in other activities that leave little time for finding healthy food options. This can result in choosing quick and easy fast food options or skipping meals altogether.
  3. I feel a lot of social pressure. Eating out with friends and family is often a big part of vacations. In these situations, you may feel pressured to indulge in unhealthy foods or drinks you wouldn’t normally consume.
  4. I just want to RELAX! Vacations are often associated with overindulging, which can lead to a mindset of “treating yourself” with unhealthy foods.

With so many tempting foods and drinks around, it’s easy to go completely off the rails and come home feeling like you’ve undone all your progress.

But don’t worry, I’m here to help!

As a self-confessed vacation lover, professional snacker, and resident beach bum, I LOVE traveling with or without the kiddos, but I don’t want to sacrifice my health goals and feel terrible when I return home.

What if there was a way to go on vacation, enjoy yourself, and come home feeling proud and confident that you kept your health goals top of mind?

I promise. It is possible!  

Here are seven tips to help you stay on track with your healthy eating & fitness habits while on vacation:

  1. Plan ahead: Before your trip, research healthy dining options at your destination. Look for restaurants that offer healthy choices or even grocery stores where you can purchase healthy snacks and meals.
  2. Pack healthy snacks: Plan ahead and bring your favorite snacks like fresh fruit, nuts, and protein-rich bars to keep you fueled and satisfied between meals.
  3. Stay hydrated: Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout your trip. Carry a refillable water bottle with you.
  4. Practice intuitive eating: Many clients like to stick to their fasting window and choose to keep their nutrition on point during the day. This allows for flexible eating for dinner. Some clients choose to track macros, but if you want to use a more relaxed approach, consider using the “eat to 80% full” rule. It’s usually my approach when I travel. 
  5. Choose whole foods, especially at restaurants: When dining out, look for yummy, healthy options that include fresh local ingredients such as grilled or roasted meats, vegetables, salads, and whole-grain dishes. (If you want more tips on how to dine out with your health goals in mind, check out my Eat Out Lean Out guide.)
  6. Practice moderation: Memories Over Macros can be your mantra! But there is a difference between going off the rails and practicing balance & moderation. While indulging in some treats and local specialties while on vacation is okay, balance those indulgences with healthy choices. Think about how you want to feel AFTER vacation.
  7. Stay active: Exercise because it makes you FEEL GOOD. If you don’t have time for a structured workout on vacay, stay active by taking walks, going for hikes, or exploring the local area on foot.

If you want more travel mindset tips, my on-the-go healthy snack list, and what workouts I recommend, download my Travel Guide.


Build a healthy lifestyle you love.

Remember that enjoying your vacation is important, too, so don’t stress too much about sticking to a rigid plan. A healthy lifestyle should also include plenty of recovery, sleep, and relaxation. I believe your healthy lifestyle should be one you love, and you should never feel like you need to take a break from it.

If learning how to build a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle you love is something you want to know more about, click the button below. You’ll find out how you can join my next coaching group. 


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