6 Signs Your Diet is No Longer Working

As the weather starts to warm up, and you unwrap from your winter clothes, your progress so far, or lack thereof, becomes more noticeable.

And if I know you, you aren’t just worried about how you look. You are worried about how you feel too.

With about 93% of Americans identified as metabolic unhealthy, your metabolism’s health is likely on your mind.

You might feel frustrated and defeated regarding your fat loss goals, especially if you’ve been doing.all.the.things. and you don’t see a lean and toned body in the mirror.

If you’ve been doubling down on cardio in the gym and slashing your calories in hopes of being ready for summer, I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way to achieve the results you’re after!

Limiting your calorie intake too much will cause your metabolism to slow down and hold onto nutrients instead of burning fat. 

This makes it difficult to lose weight and can hurt you more than help!

Review these six signs to see if you need to choose a different approach to your fitness and nutrition. Let’s make sure all your efforts are paying off. I want you to look and feel your best this summer.


  1. You feel tired all of the time. – This is your body giving you the signals you aren’t getting the proper fuel to keep up with your daily activity. 
  2. You have trouble focusing or feel like you are in a “fog.” – You won’t feel your best if you aren’t eating the proper amounts of healthy whole foods to fuel your body correctly. Unfortunately, this will also affect your brain health and alertness.
  3. You are not seeing progress even with a low-calorie intake. – Alert! Alert! No body weight or composition changes, even when you cut your calories ultra-low? This is a tell-tell sign your intake is way too low. Your metabolism will compensate and slow down if you aren’t eating enough to support your body’s needs.
  4. You feel moody or highly irritable. – Hangry is an actual term! Did you know your brain uses nutrients as fuel to regulate your moods? So when your blood sugar isn’t balanced, your emotions can be all over the place. 
  5. You notice an increase in bingeing episodes. – When you choose a restrictive diet, your cravings may be magnified, causing you to rely on willpower. When you use willpower to resist your favorite foods, you may give in and overeat when you are tired or have a bad day. If you notice you are bingeing more at nighttime or over the weekends, your diet may be too restrictive.
  6. You lack motivation, and your energy is low during workouts. – If you aren’t fueling yourself properly, your workouts will suffer. You won’t have the energy to power through your gym sessions, or you might find excuses to skip them altogether. 

What should you do instead?

Instead of depriving yourself, focus on nourishing your body with high-volume, nutrient-dense whole foods like quality protein, fibrous fruits, and veggies. 

What does this do? You’ll stay fuller longer, protect your hormones and metabolism, and feel energized.

If you want your diet to work, you build a healthy lifestyle that supports, nourishes, and energizes you.  

My clients are guided on how to do this in my 6-week coaching program. It’s designed to help you reach your goals, and we do it all without restricting you from all your favorite foods! 

If you are ready to build a healthy lifestyle you love, click the button below to learn more. 

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