4 Reasons Why Your Diet and Exercise Plan Isn’t Working

Do you feel like you’re doing all the right things when caring for your health and body, yet still waiting to see any changes?

Chances are, you’re probably doing a lot of the right things…but not in the most effective way.


Let’s run through the top 4 reasons you haven’t seen results and how you can fix it! 

1. You’re not getting enough protein

Protein is vital to building and maintaining lean muscle mass & muscle helps you burn fat. So if you want to lean out and look like you work out, you NEED to eat enough protein! Plus, protein is satisfying. So build your meals around a protein source if you struggle with feeling HANGRY, especially between meals. 

ProTip: Plan on consuming 0.8-1 gram of protein per 1lb of your ideal body weight.

2. You’re still doing too much cardio 

Cardio is incredibly beneficial for overall health and great for improving heart health. Many clients tell me they LOVE how it makes them feel. However, if cardio is your go-to strategy for fat loss, you’re doing it wrong. You must add more strength training throughout your week to lose fat and build lean muscle.

ProTip: Implement strength training sessions incorporating progressive overload for 3-4 days a week! 

3. You’re not prioritizing rest 

Did you know that if you’re not getting enough sleep, it actually prevents your body from losing fat? According to researchers at the University of Chicago, sleep deprivation makes you”metabolically groggy.” Lack of sleep interrupts your body’s ability to process insulin, your “fat storage” hormone. Sleep is your body’s number one way of recovering from a long day. If you’re not getting enough rest, your body cannot recover. Plus, it might be easier to say no to cravings when well-rested.

ProTip: Try to get at least 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

4. You’re restricting your calories by too much

When you eat too little for too long, your body gets used to the fact it’s not going to have enough calories to LIVE. So your body goes into hibernation mode to protect you from a (self-induced) famine and stores everything you eat away for later.

Not only do you need to eat ENOUGH to support your body’s daily activities, but you also need to eat ENOUGH for your body to trust you enough to release fat. 

Extreme low-calorie diets slow your metabolism because you often lose muscle mass while dieting. Not to mention fatigue! So it’s important to find your sweet spot for fat loss. 

ProTip: Learn the proper macronutrients your body needs for optimal performance and fat loss.

Are you making a few of these mistakes?

No to worry. Now that you know, you can be more mindful of how to fix and adjust so you can start making progress!

If you need help knowing what to eat, especially how much protein, without spending hours in the kitchen, I have a free guide for you – the lazy girl way! You’ll find easy recipes, a strategic food guide, and much more! 

If you want to learn how to support your body with proper nutrition and just the right amount of exercise so you burn fat and sculpt a lean, toned body, join my next coaching group. 

Let’s get you SEEING the RESULTS you want!

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