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loren mattingly

As a college athlete and nutrition major, Loren combines a strong scientific understanding of food & fitness with a real-life outlook. As a mom of three growing boys headed in opposite directions, she understands the demands of being a full-time working mom by day & taxi driver by night. Loren recognizes the lack of approachable education in regards to nutrition in the wellness space & has filled a void for women who can't seem to piece it all together on their own. Loren works to explain the science behind her science backed and clinically proven strategies in a way that all women can understand & implement.

After years of watching women take extreme measures to see body composition changes, she took her knowledge of nutrition and became a certified health coach. Loren’s goal is to show women how to reach their health goals without deprivation and in a way that promotes lasting change. Loren has coached thousands of women on health principles like intermittent fasting, macro tracking, & carb cycling to help them increase their energy, gain strength, & master their metabolism.

Loren knows that when you feel good and have energy you are unstoppable. As the #1 FASTer Way Coach in a community of 5000 coaches, Loren leads the way with an approachable and relatable voice. She works tirelessly to get her clients results while providing top tier customer service.

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Protein powder to your smoothie.
Secret ingredient to your fat loss.

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