How to Crush Your Results with Your Peloton

So you’ve finally got your Peloton, and you are loving the classes. Your morning rides have you feeling fantastic. But you aren’t exactly seeing leaner abs or at least leaner legs? Amiright? 

Why Does Being Smart About Your Peloton Exercise Matter?

You’ve heard abs are made in the kitchen. And I know first hand that’s the truth. I have seen it time and time again. I’ve coached thousands of women, and often, those who come to me have no problem exercising. They know their way around a gym. They have the best equipment even in their own homes. We LOVE our Pelotons! But unfortunately, many of them don’t LOOK like they are putting in the work through exercise. They still have a layer of fluff they can’t seem to shake. They find themselves frustrated and depressed. They are doing the classes. They are working hard. But they are beginning to think those fit, lean legs aren’t for them.  

Can you relate?

There’s no reason for despair. You have to get smarter about your nutrition and exercise. 

Have you ever looked at your dinner plate and thought, “How can I make better choices?!” but had no idea where to start? Learning how to eat healthier can feel overwhelming and stressful. That’s why I’m all about teaching women how to incorporate simple lifestyle changes that allow them to become a better version of themselves. 

The best thing about helping people ditch the confusion around their nutrition and exercise is that they finally feel amazing and confident in their own skin. Most of all, they see changes in their body composition that have their friends asking them what they are doing!  

Creating a healthier relationship with food combined with your efforts at the gym will produce the results you desire! 

Are you ready?

 How to Level Up Your Peloton Results in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Start to Incorporate More Whole Foods Into Your Diet. Keep it simple. If it had a mother or came from the ground, you should eat it. This looks like lean proteins, lots of veggies, and healthy carbs like potatoes, brown rice, quinoa, fruits & oats. 
  2. Eat Less Processed Foods. Notice I didn’t say throw everything out of the pantry! You want to skip the restrictive mindset. Learning more about how processed foods don’t help you get the results you want is a great way to make sure you eat less of them. 
  3. Eat the Right Things in the Right Amounts to Fuel Your Body. Contrary to the current popular belief, carbs are not the enemy. We need all the macronutrients (protein, fats, and carbs) to increase energy and prevent disease. You just need to know which amounts to eat so you can ramp up your energy levels and get the most out of your workouts. 
  4. Strategically Pair your Nutrition and Exercise to Become a Fat-Burning Machine. You’ll want to do a combination of HIIT training and Strength Training to maximize your results. Adding strength training will help you build muscle that will help your body burn more fat and create those lean legs you’re dying to have. If you aren’t adding strength training, you might have success losing a few pounds, but you definitely won’t see those lean abs or the lean legs you’re wishing for…Hello, Carrie Underwood…we can all dream! 
  5. Connect with a Community That Encourages and Offers Accountability. It’s often difficult to make sustainable changes on your own. It can feel lonely and have us giving up way too early. Surrounding yourself with others who can provide accountability and support helps so much when motivation wanes. Plus, it’s way more fun to get fit together! 

You can’t out exercise a bad diet. You have the power to make healthier choices in your life! Learning how to pair your nutrition and exercise doesn’t have to be complicated or hard. If you follow these 5 easy steps, you’ll level up your nutrition and get better results from your time on your Peloton!

If you want to know more about my favorite Peloton rides and classes, download my newest free guide, Nutrition with Your Peloton for Better Results. You don’t want to miss this guide! It’s full of tips on how to dial in your nutrition to get amazing results from your Peloton. You’ll learn what healthy staples I keep stocked in my pantry, fridge & freezer. Plus, I have included some of my favorite macro-friendly meals, so you get to take the guesswork out of the equation!

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