Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?

When I see my clients go from an exhausted, worn-out shell to a vibrant energetic mom and wife I get fired up!

One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is they are so sick and tired of being sick and tired. Their never-ending quest for skinny has left them worn out, trapped in a cycle of deprivation, and still wishing for a bikini body they can’t seem to ever see in the mirror.

No matter how hard they try, the results are just not there. 

They begin to think there’s something wrong with them. And it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

When new clients begin their journey of wellness, I remind them they came to me looking for something different — a personalized approach to their fitness and nutrition. 

  • I can’t wait for them to have the energy they need to keep up with the life they want. 
  • I am thrilled when they break the chains of old diet rules that have kept them stuck for way too long! 
  • I am so inspired when they learn how to burn fat naturally, increase their energy and finally get fit and toned! 

Just like my client Christine. I am so proud of her and how she broke up with her past fad diets, under-eating, and over-exercising. Listen to her story.

“This was just the solution I have been searching for! Years of fad diets, under-eating, and working out too much led me to just giving up until I saw my friend. She looked great and felt great! She told me about Faster Way to Weight Loss and how it has helped her to get into a healthy lifestyle. I knew I needed someone to tell me what to eat and give me workout routines to follow, but what I didn’t expect was nutritional education along with phenomenal coaching and a support community! I’ve learned so much about how to fuel my body and not only do I feel great, but I’ve lost inches! I don’t care about a number on the scale anymore, I just pay attention to how I feel, how my clothes fit, my sleep, etc. I just finished my first round and am moving into the next VIP round so that I can continue to learn, train my body and lose the inches! Thank you to the entire Faster away team, especially my coach Loren Mattingly! “


Or my client Jasmine who lost 17 inches in 6 weeks, found confidence, energy, and motivation. Yes, ma’am!!

“I’m just so excited about how much energy I have!!! I just feel soooo much better and so much more energized! I was having major fatigue from just being home all the time and this gave me the kick start I needed!!! I’m down 7lbs and about 17inches. I’m honestly shocked on how much my face and body has changed in 6 short weeks.”


And you have to see Kate. She lost 6 inches in her mid-section!! She’s shopping in her own closet. How fun!

“I have lost a good 6-8 pounds and about 6 inches in my mid-section. I have done a round before, but this time I felt like I did a better job varying my food and almost every recipe I tried was a hit! The app is really helpful especially on days I may not have time to go to the gym or the weather isn’t the best for running outside (like this week!) and for providing easy menu ideas. It’s hard to believe you can eat so much and still see results, but it works! Besides my clothes actually fitting now, my energy boost and mood has been my favorite non-scale victory. I was sluggish and grouchy after having Covid over Thanksgiving and this was exactly what my body and mind needed. I’m looking forward to continuing with VIP!”


These women and many more share how their relationship with food has changed. 

  • They have begun to fuel their bodies instead of depriving themselves. 
  • They now exercise to take great care of their bodies, not as a punishment. 
  • And the icing on the Leg Day cake…They are finally seeing results. 
    • Inches lost
    • Amazing energy
    • Incredible confidence
    • And a clear science-based plan on how to sustain their results! 

I think my favorite part is getting to know these women. Sharing in their weekly wins, helping them navigate bumps in the road—you know there will always be SOMETHING that gets in the way. But most of all, I enjoy seeing them build friendships that create a support system that keeps them growing in their confidence as they lean into the women they are meant to be. 

So, if you’re tired of being sick and tired and are ready for a different approach, I’d love for you to join our squad!  We’re over here waiting to see you succeed! Let’s do this! 

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