Beat the Menopausal Middle

If your old bag of tricks isn’t working when you try to ramp up your exercise and lower your calorie intake, it might be time for a new approach. 
Natural hormonal changes occur as you head into your 30s, 40’s, and 50’s and can bring a host of symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, night sweats, and weight gain. 
It might feel like you are destined to suffer from the dreaded menopausal gain around your middle that comes with age, but you can take control and make some simple changes that will have you looking and feeling leaner! 

Check out this video where I chat all things that might be keeping you from a leaner middle.

Working on your total wellness is essential to minimize the symptoms of menopause. 

The facts are that things change as we age:

  • We often have a decrease in activity. 
  • We lose muscle mass naturally as we age. 
  • Your protein intake may be lower. 
  • You may increase the frequency of your alcohol consumption. 
  • Your sleep may be off and your stress on the rise. 

So many variables can be in play as you navigate this season of your life. 

So what to do.

  1. Prioritize protein! If you are in this phase of life, prioritizing protein will help make sure you have enough muscle mass in your body. Increased lean muscle on your body frame allows for you to have an increased metabolic rate. More muscle means you burn more calories at rest! Yes, ma’am! 
  2. Prioritize strength training. As stated above, you burn more calories with more muscle on your frame. Adding strength training to your exercise routine will help you preserve muscle mass and even help you gain more lean tissue. Plus, strength training helps strengthen your bones preventing osteoporosis. 
  3. Managing your carbohydrates. Consuming the right types of carbohydrates will increase your energy and keep your blood sugar stable. 
  4. Reduce inflammation. Inflammation is caused by your body’s natural response to fighting injury and infection. You can lower the effects of inflammation by choosing an anti-inflammatory diet made from whole food nutrition. Decrease the amount of processed foods you consume.
  5. Focus on improving sleep. Poor sleep keeps you from losing fat. If you aren’t getting good sleep chances are your cortisol level is high. Too much cortisol means your body will hold on to fat. Plus, poor sleep increases the bad guy ghrelin. This hormone increases your hunger signals and decreases your desire to be active. Getting better sleep is critical if you want to combat the effects of menopause. 
  6. Reduce alcohol. Your body prioritizes burning alcohol over fat. Your exposure to alcohol plays a role. That one glass of wine every night isn’t doing you any favors. Your body is pausing burning fat as long as alcohol is in your system. Reduce the frequency you consume alcohol and you’ll do a better job at burning fat. 
  7. Make sure your gut health is in check. Science is revealing more and more about how gut health affects your hormones. When your hormones are out of wack, it’s difficult to get and stay lean. Increase your fiber and decrease inflammation is a good start in keeping your gut happy.
  8. Decrease your stress. Increased stress is a huge factor in your inability to lose fat, especially around your midsection. Again the cortisol comes into play. The more stress you are under, the more cortisol your body is trying to combat. Making it pretty difficult to burn fat. Finding ways to reduce your stress will be key to getting the results you want. 

You cannot control the fact that your body is going through these hormonal changes. But you can control your healthy habits! Choose to make small changes over time and you’ll feel confident as you approach this stage of your life.
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