Can Alcohol Slow Your Efforts?

If you are working hard and eating clean 80% of the time…. can those glasses of wine each evening really slow down your weight loss?

This is a question that often comes up in my FWTFL 6 week rounds! So, I thought it would be helpful to give you some science and medical related information on this subject.

Obviously a big component to the FWTFL is to make it a lifestyle change! We also talk a lot about not being restrictive. So, let’s be sure we are on the same page before we get started! My main goal as a coach is to teach you to be strategic with your indulgences- not just say NO! . So, I definitely come from a place of limiting alcohol intake in general, but I am understanding of incorporating that glass or two of red wine into your leg day macros? You bet! Another key component to the FWTFL is having a well balanced life (parenting, mindset, friendships, relationship with your body etc) and once in a while- social settings have an opportunity for us to have a drink or two and unwind. Again, that is our goal- to merge it all together seamlessly!

So, let’s discuss a little more about why we want to keep those alcohol splurges to a leg day treat or special occasion!

Does consuming alcohol slow or pause fat burning?  

Your liver processes out alcohol first thing when it’s entered into the bloodstream, so that does mean it’s not working on processing other things in your bloodstream. Another key point to consider, if you overdue the alcohol (and let’s face it, even with the best of intentions it can happen) then you are likely not in the headspace to make good choices in terms of food you are enjoying while socializing. All of the sudden the Cobb salad you were planning on becomes a big ole plate of cheese fries….oops! Lastly, when we consume alcohol, we are typically not on our “A” game the next day. It can impair us from being active, making good food choices, accomplishing our tasks for the day and even just feel irritable. Be sure you are being strategic and mindful with your alcohol choices and their frequency.

When choosing alcohol, stick to lower sugar ones such as red wine, dry white wine and clear liquors and remember to drink water too! You should also always track the alcohol in your macros. If you are attending a summer wedding and plan to have a glass or two of wine- plug it into MFP earlier that day and be aware of what it will due to your macros and compensate accordingly.

Feel better about it all now!?

I love sharing these realistic pain points that I see my clients struggle with! If you are looking for a program that understands and works to strategize your social life into a healthy lifestyle – then I would love to have you in my next round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss®!

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