6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting “Toned”

My routine isn’t earth-shattering or extreme. I stick with the motto…do less…just do it better. 

  • This means I keep things SIMPLE.
  • I DON’T OVERCOMPLICATE my routine.
  • I TRULY ENJOY my lifestyle.
  • I am IMPERFECTLY CONSISTENT in giving my all to these sustainable habits.

How do I do this? 

I don’t do it alone. I have an amazing COMMUNITY that supports me and a solid plan to follow that aligns with my goals.

Clients often come to me frustrated, “They’ve done all.the.things.” And what I’ve realized is that knowledge doesn’t necessarily equal success. 

The perfect storm of nutrition and fitness success requires you to put all of the pieces together in a sustainable, enjoyable, realistic, and effective way. 

So if you’re chasing a lean and toned body in 2023, here are my best tips. 


This will allow you to eat enough of the right kinds of foods to fuel your body & reach your body composition goals. Not all calories are created equal.
If you are following calories in, calories out advice, you most likely will be disappointed with your results. You may see a drop in body weight on the scale, but potentially you won’t get the lean and toned look you are after. 

If you want a more effective approach, learn what macronutrients to eat so you can build muscle, increase energy levels, and burn fat.


The macronutrient Protein is a superstar! Protein ignites muscle growth, helps maintain muscle mass, and limits age-related muscle loss. Please, don’t neglect it! Eating the right amount of protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied. 
No depressing, deprivation diets here! 
I recommend .8-1g protein/lb ideal body weight *depending on your specific body, goals & age*.


If you want to be “lean and toned,” you must have muscle on your body frame. Strength training uses the fuel from your whole foods diet and will help your body build and grow muscle. 

The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn and the leaner you will become. If you want to get started with strength training, download my Free Home Workouts Guide. 


Here’s where most people get it wrong and find themselves in a never-ending cycle of poor results. Please hear this!! You never have to be perfect, but you’ll also never get the body you’re after if you keep quitting. 
Embrace the idea of imperfectly consistent. Harry Truman said, “Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction.” It’s so true. My clients who fall in love with progress are the ones who reach their goals and maintain their results. 
Show up every single day & do something rather than nothing.


Patience is probably one of the hardest tips to rally around. Unfortunately, change doesn’t happen overnight. It takes time. The mistake I often see people make is focusing on what they can accomplish in just a few short weeks instead of thinking about the big picture. 

When you lean into the idea of living a healthy lifestyle and focus on what you can accomplish in one year with consistent effort, you build healthy habits that offer long-term success and a lifetime of wellness. 


Here’s my super secret tip. The truth is, whatever you do to achieve whatever results you get, you’ll have to keep doing it to maintain your results. If you don’t love the diet and exercise plan you are following and don’t see yourself doing it a year from now, chances are, you’ll struggle to keep the results. And if you can’t find a balance between FUN & EFFECTIVE, you’ll never be able to sustain it. 

Your nutrition and fitness plan should work with your life. It should allow for treats, indulgences, vacations, and holidays. You should be able to enjoy becoming the strongest & healthiest version of yourself!

If you’d like help becoming the strongest and healthiest version of yourself, grab a spot in my next coaching group.   

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