Stop Overcomplicating Eating Healthy

Please stop overcomplicating eating healthy!

If you believe eating healthy is complicated, it’s only because you’ve made it that way. 

And, what if I told you, it’s really not your fault.

There are several reasons eating healthy feels hard for you:

  • U.S. food companies have made overly processed foods-convenience foods way too accessible. We’ve been sold the idea these foods are easier, more convenient, and ok for us. The marketing even persuades us to believe we deserve these types of foods.
  • Uber Eats, Postmates, and drive-thrus sound like a breeze compared to cooking a simple meal at home, especially when you are tired or frazzled.
  • And gosh, there’s so much misinformation about proper nutrition. It’s hard to know what you should eat to live a healthy lifestyle!

So, friend, it’s no wonder it feels hard. 

Listen, being healthy and staying fit is hard enough. So let’s not make it any harder than it has to be.

Here are 4 Tips to Make Eating Healthy SUPER SIMPLE!

  1. Remember this rule when you feel confused or overwhelmed: If it has a mother or comes from the ground, it’s fair game! Your grocery list should include lean proteins, veggies, fruit, potatoes, rice, beans, quinoa, etc.
  2. Keep your foods in their whole form. Simple ingredients make cooking super quick and straightforward! You can skip the fancy casseroles and side dishes. I know my kids would turn up their noses to that. Plus, I am too busy to spend time whipping up elaborate meals. Check out this post for some simple kid-friendly healthy snacks.
  3. KEEP IT SIMPLE! Stop with the fancy recipes requiring specialty ingredients you don’t usually keep in your kitchen. Stick with the basics! Grab a few fun seasonings, clean marinades, and most definitely grab fresh seasonal produce from your local farmer’s market this summer!
  4. Shop the outside of the aisles of your grocery store. On these aisles, you’ll find all the whole foods you want to load up on. The highly processed, packaged foods will be found in the center aisles. And if it has more than one ingredient on the package, it’s not considered a whole food. Everything that is packaged is processed to some extent, so just do your best to minimize consuming processed/packaged foods. 

I challenge you to eat whole foods 80% of the time. Not 100%! We’re not looking for perfection! But, if you incorporate whole foods 80% of your week, I bet you’ll feel lighter, energized, and happier in 7 days. 

If you need help pulling together healthy meals your whole family will love, download my free Family Meal Guide!

If you want even more delicious family-friendly recipes, check out my cookbook, The Fit Farm Foodie.

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