My First Lesson of 2021

First lesson learned in 2021…..


After listening to my friend @anniefdowns read her book “That Sounds Fun”, I’ve been on FIRE about the concept of being an amateur. (Thank you Annie 😘)

Whether that pertains to your relationship with God, with your spouse, or with food and exercise….it’s OKAY to be an AMATEUR!

We all need to stop trying to be a professional at everything before we even try it….or before we give it a chance.

Let’s flip the script!! How COOL is it that you GET to be an amateur at something? How COOL is it to be able to learn something NEW? How cool is it to GET to TRY something you’ve never done before? Or maybe just continue to be BETTER and better as you grow in that space?

How about instead of thinking you have to be PERFECT or that not being an expert is a weakness, what if you give yourself permission to build an experience that is unique to you as you embrace learning….and what if we took that a step further and actually allowed yourself to HAVE FUN doing it?

As your coach, there is absolutely NO pressure to be perfect. No Pressure to fit into any certain mold. And no pressure to know ANYTHING AT ALL. What I do want to encourage you to do is to focus on progress over perfection and to accept that with anything NEW, it may not always be easy. Challenge is required for you to grow. Welcome the challenge & give yourself a chance to BECOME the pro you wish you were! Embrace that you ARE an amateur and that being an amateur can be absolutely WONDERFUL!

I’m in this space to help you GROW and learn to love being an amateur on your health and wellness journey. I want to be your guide, your teacher, and your cheerleader as you discover the joys of caring for yourself and just how rewarding nourishing your body can be!

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