7 Secrets to Change Your Mindset For Fat Loss

Have the Right Mindset for Fat Loss Success

Do you ever feel like you get in your own way when it comes to fat loss? If you do, try the mindset hacks below and see if you can kick self-sabotage to the curb! 

Science tells us that motivation is like a battery. It ebbs and flows. If you are solely relying on your motivation, you might find yourself struggling, especially when you are tired, overwhelmed, or overstressed. 

Experts recommend developing a healthy mindset around fitness and nutrition to create helpful patterns and routines that will keep you consistent in your healthy lifestyle. 

And consistent = long-term success!

Mindset Hacks for Fat Loss Success 

  1. Get to know your future self. To set goals you need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Often we keep it simple, like, I need to lose 10 pounds. But we don’t often think about WHO WE HAVE TO BE to achieve our goals. The person you are today is getting the results you currently have. If you want different results, you need to behave differently than you do right now. Spend a few minutes visualizing a future you who reaches your goal. Identify the new habits you need to begin to incorporate and start practicing those new habits.
  2. Ditch good food and bad food thinking. Instead, free yourself by thinking food is just food – protein, fat, and carbs. Decide food doesn’t have a moral value. Remind yourself you aren’t better if you eat healthier choices. Separating your emotions from your food choices will help you feel less restricted and deprived. (Two feelings that really mess things up for most people.) Success will depend on you finding balance. Plan to eat healthy most of the time, but intentionally make time for fun foods!
  3. Progress over Perfect. Inevitably, when you try to build healthy habits challenges and obstacles will most likely pop up. If you believe perfect is the only way to achieve your goals, you’ll be pretty disappointed most of the time. But if you put your focus on noticing the progress you’ve made, you’ll power up your motivation battery. As a bonus, you might actually enjoy the process! Don’t forget to track your habits so you SEE how you are changing. Download my habit tracker and track your progress.
  4. Make Friends with Failure. Old habits can feel hard to break. On a health journey, you’ll most likely mess up along the way. Reframe your failure as something to help you figure out what you can do better next time. Use mistakes to help you determine how to get back on track. Allow yourself to learn from mistakes instead of letting them hinder your progress. You only fail if you give up. So pivot, pivot, pivot!
  5. Embrace small steps. Changing too many habits at one time can be a recipe for disaster. Give yourself grace and understand you’ll need to identify the small ways you can change. Don’t dismiss even your smallest actions! Practice setting small goals like the following:
    • Add more fruits and veggies to your plate for a few weeks.
    • Tracking only breakfast.
    • Increase your weight on your leg exercises for a few weeks.
    Once you get good at a new habit, then you can decide what your next best step will be. Habit stacking these small actions will add up, and pretty soon, you’ll be acting like the future you!
  6. Look for Solutions, not Excuses. It’s easy to let life, your kids, or even the fact that tv commercials make food look so appealing create roadblocks to looking and feeling your best. You know your health is important to you, and you know when you take care of yourself well, your confidence grows. Plus, being a good example for your kids is also at the top of your list. So don’t let excuses stop you. Remember you’ve given up failure as an option, so get curious and start noticing what you CAN do to take small steps towards your goals.
  7. Seek Support. You don’t ever need to feel alone in your journey. Surrounding yourself with others committed to working on fitness and nutrition goals can be very helpful. You can share your wins, struggles, and help bust your excuses. Plus, life is just better when we do it together!!

If you struggle to stay on track with your fitness and nutrition goals, try working your brain muscle by using the mindset hacks above to improve your motivation and consistency.

Looking for a community to support and encourage you while you work on bettering your fitness and nutrition habits? Grab a spot in my next coaching group. We address all aspects of fat loss, including mindset! 

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